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     Johnnie B Woods Security Training specializes in home/ self Defense, security guard training and certification, as well as firearm training and certification courses.


 We educate all of our students on a wide variety of security and protection subjects; ranging from private security to executive protection. Our courses are also great for anyone interested in learning about self-defense.  We have more than three decades worth of law enforcement and security training experience.

   We are a licensed training facility with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services of California. As a retired law enforcement officer and trainer for over 30 years, Johnnie B Woods Security Training will prepare you for a professional career in security or for life's worst-case-scenarios.

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Learn valuable skills with security guard licensing programs from Woods Security Training in Indio, California.

Guard License Class Schedule: 

 Tuesday & Wednesday- 9am No appointment needed.

Thursday, Friday, & Saturday9am  with appoinment.


Be prepared at all times, on or off the job, with our Exposed Firearms Training and CCW courses. At our facility, we are dedicated to your safety and training.

Firearms License Class Schedule: ( 2 Day course sepreated into class lecture and range qualification)

(Exposed Firearm- Security) Thursday - 9am to 5pm  with appoinment.

California CCW Class Schedule

Friday: : 8am to 5pm with appointment.

Saturday: 8am to 5pm with appointment.

(ALL Range Qualifications) 

Friday: : 2pto 5pm with appointment.

Saturday: 2pm to 5pm with appointment

Baton & Tasers

Protect yourself and your loved ones with our self-defense, baton and TASER™ training from our experienced instructors.

Classes scheduled by appointment only.

Contact us in Indio, California, to find out more about security guard certification.

Members of :

LEAPS® (Law Enforcement And Private Security)

The NRA (National Riffle Association)

The USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association)

Over 50 Years of Experience
Police Officer Research Association of California